Thursday, January 21, 2010

RDA and cell(ular) (tele)phones

During the ALA Midwinter conference, pricing for the new cataloging standard, RDA, was announced. RDA will be online only, although any library that purchaces a license can print copies of its pages.

The price is $325 per year for one user (or many users, just one at a time). The license for additional concurrent users is $55/user. Nothing has been said about a price for library schools although the question has been asked on AUTOCAT along with LOTS of discussion on the cost and how difficult it will be for smaller libraries to afford.

Also posted on AUTOCAT recently was the list of Library of Congress Subject Headings changes. The last week in December, LC made 40 changes including changing all instances of Cellular telephone to Cell phone (Cellular telephone calls now Cell phone calls; Cellular telephones and traffic accidents now Cell phones and traffic accidents).

This switch to the common usage took a lot less time than it did with Airplanes - which were officially (according to LC) Aeroplanes until sometime in the 1980s.

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