Friday, September 4, 2009

Updated webpages

I've been reading one of the books in the Teach Yourself Visually series: Dreamweaver CS3. As the backup webmaster here at CMRLS, I have a lot of catching up to do and this book is helping a lot. As I learn new things, I've been updating the cataloging pages on the CMRLS site.
The Sites for Catalogers page was getting longer and required too much scrolling, so when I came across the section called "Create a Jump Link within a Page" I knew exactly where I wanted to experiment with "Named Anchors".
I also added another link to the list under MARC sites. This is a document which lists the ending punctuation of variable fields, something original catalogers have to deal with on a regular basis. Since ending punctuation is not always understood, looking at other bib records may or may not help. They're just as apt to be wrong as right. This list is a vital tool, so keep it handy.