Friday, August 29, 2008

Introduction to Library Digitization - a program from MLA/TSS

The Technical Services Section of the Massachusetts Library Association has organized a day-long program on the practical aspects of digitization in libraries. I'll be one of the afternoon panelists.

Here are the essentials:
Date: Tuesday October 28th, 2008
Location: Saxe Room, Worcester Public Library
Deadline to register: October 14, 2008

Cost: Early bird registration: (before Oct 1st) $40.00 per person
$30.00 for MLA members
After October 1st: $45.00 per person
$35.00 for MLA members

For registration questions, contact: Lois Bacon at LBacon@EBSCO.COM

This is a hot topic in libraries right now. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CE for TS

The Fall Continuing Education Catalog is out! Be sure to browse through it and register for some of the great workshops the CMRLS staff has organized.

For Technical Services people, there will be a Roundtable on Tuesday, September 23 at the Gale Free Library in Holden. Here's a chance to visit another Tech Services department and see how they do things.

There are no prerequisites to attend a Roundtable. Just bring along any questions you might have and a willingness to share ideas and solutions.

See you there!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Always Moving Forward

I’ve made some changes (as I do periodically) to the Cataloger’s pages on the CMRLS website.

Lois Reibach recently announced her new blog Collocate and Disambiguate on the AUTOCAT discussion list. The blog discusses issues of authority control and authority data. I really like her title. I expect it's one only a cataloger would think of.

When I first began compiling the Cataloger’s pages three years ago, there were very few Technical Services oriented blogs. Now I have 16 listed and I know there are a lot more. Please feel free to tell me if you know of one I have not yet discovered.

At the Serials Roundtable earlier this week, a participant mentioned something she had read on the discussion list SERIALIST. I am embarrassed to say I had neglected to add SERIALIST to the page on Electronic Discussion Lists and I remedied the oversight as soon as I returned to my office.

Most of my career has been spent with monographs, primarily cataloging, but also acquisitions in my early professional years. Serials are not the first things that come to my mind when I think Technical Services, but I promise to pay more attention from now on.