Friday, September 7, 2007

It’s more than T.S.

Since this blog is titled Quick T.S., I try to stick pretty closely to Technical Services topics. However, like any good cataloger, I keep in touch with other aspects of libraries and the world beyond. Part of my job at CMRLS involves teaching workshops on cataloging. I’m also expected to attend conferences and represent the Central Region on several different committees.

Taking all of these responsibilities into consideration, there are two non-library blogs that I read regularly because I find they help in rounding out my professional life.

Presentation Zen is “Garr Reynolds’ blog on issues related to professional presentation design.” He talks a lot about PowerPoint and other visual aids and how their use could be improved. The posts tend to be long, but they include lots of video clips with examples of good (Garr likes Steve Jobs’ speaking style) and not-so-good presentations as well as examples of good and not-so-good slides and posters. He includes recommendations of books (complete with jacket cover images) many of which I’ve borrowed from my local public library. As some one who has sat through many a boring talk and squinted at too many unreadable slides, I want to spread the word of Presentation Zen to everyone who stands up in front of an audience (or even just creates a poster).

A recent discovery for me is Power Networking for Introverts. The focus of this blog is for business people, yet I’ve found Marcy Phelps’ suggestions practical and very helpful. Even though I’m not actively seeking clients, I understand the value of networking. Librarians need to build networks for a variety of reasons. For example, a well established network will help a public library director when asking for an increase in financial support from the town. A network is vital when job hunting and just plain handy when looking for information. If you’d like to do a better job at networking but feel a bit timid, read Marcy’s blog for lots of encouragement.

Even though Technical Services librarians often work in the basement or in another out-of-the-way place, we can still be vibrant and active members of this exciting profession. Presentation Zen and Power Networking for Introverts are great tools for the journey.