Monday, March 23, 2009

Planning summer CE

The CMRLS summer Continuing Education workshops begin June 1. That gives us just 2 months to decide on programs, contact speakers, produce the CE catalog and get it into members' hands in time to register for the earliest of the offerings. Each consultant will be coming up with creative ideas in his or her area.

So, my question to you is What do you think CMRLS should offer in the area of Technical Services? There are programs on bibliographic records in general, MARC records, Dewey Decimal System that I teach regularly. Something on Resource Description and Access (RDA - the new, revised version of cataloging rules) is probable since if/when it is implemented will change cataloging - maybe drastically.

What would you like to learn more about? What would you attend? It doesn't have to be limited to Tech Services as I can always forward ideas on to my colleagues.

Please let me know!

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