Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Tech. Services Titles

CMRLS has something called an RCO collection. It’s a term left over from pre-incorporation days when CMRLS was a department within the Worcester Public Library and stands for Regional Consultants Office.

The RCO collection consists primarily of books (and some audiovisual materials) of use to library staff. The items include such topics as library management, supervising staff, writing grants, planning, social networking, storytelling, collection development and lots of other important topics.

Just like in your libraries, new books are arriving all the time. To see if CMRLS owns a book on a particular subject or has a specific title, search the C/W MARS catalog under Central Mass. Libraries. You can use the drop-down menu to select only CMRLS.

Three new Technical Services titles that just arrived are

Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction by Lois Mai Chan – 3rd. ed.

Maxwell’s Guide to Authority Work by Robert L. Maxwell.

Learn Library of Congress Classification by Helena Dittmann

There are lots of up-to-date Tech. Services books in the collection. Need to learn more about MARC? Dewey Decimal Classification? Metadata? We’ve got it! And coming soon: two books about FRBR.

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